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Testimonial #1

As a third-year doctoral student at West Virginia University, I have been actively involved with SteppingStones throughout my educational journey in Morgantown. My contributions include mentoring Physical Education student teachers working with the SteppingStones LifeSkills program, coaching various sport and activity programs, and initiating class projects to implement physical activity programs within the organization.

My personal interactions with the Executive Director, and several faculty members have reinforced the outstanding partnership between SteppingStones and West Virginia University, College of Applied Human Sciences. Together, we strive to enhance the experiences of those attending SteppingStones, creating a positive impact on the community.

Candace Brink, MS, CAPE

Graduate Research Assistant

Ph.D. Candidate- College of Applied Human Sciences

West Virginia University


Testimonial #2

StepppingStones has been a huge part of our lives for many years.  There are a wide variety of programs available to people with disabilities of any age.  The programs are fun, and educational, and are run by staff and volunteers with much training and experience.  Noah is always excited to see the new calendar come out so that he can pick his activities for the next quarter.  Noah has made many lasting friendships over the years and has learned much independence.  The lifeskills program is one of our favorites.  Noah has learned to be physically active, learned shopping skills, been on field trips around town, learned cooking skills, relationship skills, critical thinking, problem-solving and much much more.  Another of Noah’s favorites is attending summer camp.  Many different classes and opportunities are offered during the summer months.  The staff and volunteers hold classes such as science, food, art, and game shows, to name a few.  The day is always filled with friends and fun.   There have been many opportunities, too many to name them all, given to Noah through Steppingstones.  He has been able to attend the regional Miracle League all-stars, he has sung the national anthem at a few SteppingStones events,  attended Pittsburgh Pirates games, and WV Black Bears games while making friends along the way. Steppingstones not only provides recreation for people with disabilities, but it has been a great resource to help us learn to navigate the system of services available to Noah and to learn from other parents who also have athletes attending Steppingstones.

The Stine Family, Morgantown, WV

Testimonial #3

Are you looking for meaningful activities for your child with special needs? Are you looking for social skills-building opportunities in a place that values your unique person, ages 3-93?

Some of the spectacular, affordable, opportunities SteppingStones provides our daughter Julie, and all persons with special needs, are:

  • swimming
  • dancing
  • being in a basketball league
  • being in a baseball league
  • watching movies with friends
  • bowling with friends
  • bingo night(s)
  • attending a fun-filled summer day camp with classes offered in a large variety of fascinating subjects
  • learning new crafts
  • cooking
  • hanging with friends several times a year at lively seasonal parties

Most importantly, Stepping Stones staffers make the effort to understand our unique children and respect their differences. Our children are safe, cared for, and allowed/encouraged to spread their wings in a thoughtful, secure, fun environment. That’s why Julie has been faithfully participating with Stepping Stones for more than 20 years.

The Green Family, Morgantown, WV

Testimonial #4

The saying “it takes a village” is especially true for having a child with different abilities.  As a parent, I find it a blessing that Stepping Stones provides a community (or village) for my son to experience Life Skill Programs, Summer Camp, exercise, recreation, friendships with his peers, and a personal relationship with each and every one of their caring staff.  This organization enriches not only his life but our entire family dynamic!!
Leeann Pellegrin, Fairmont, WV


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